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Areas of Practice



We represent school districts, administrators, educational institutions, or governmental entities in matters relating to areas such as rights of students and employees, including constitutional protections and rights, privacy laws, open government laws, special education and discrimination, labor disputes, including statutory employee rights and collective bargaining grievances, and operational matters, including public finance and district property acquisition and management.


We represent commercial clients, government entities and individuals in all proceedings and transactions that deal with real property—land and the structures attached to it—including purchase and sale, construction, mortgages and foreclosures, leases, zoning, title examinations, quiet title actions and boundary disputes, landlord-tenant issues, closings, development and management.


We provide a wide variety of services to our business clients from assisting in selecting the type of organizational entity under which to operate, preparation of agreements, sale and purchase of businesses, obtaining financing and funding for business operations, and employee relations, to dissolution and litigation.


We handle a full range of family law matters including adoption, divorce, separation, premarital agreements, paternity, custody, and support.


We have knowledge regarding the estate and gift taxes and the marital deduction. We also have experience in drafting wills, trusts, powers of attorney and health care directives, and experience with probate and nonprobate transfer procedures, community property agreements, joint tenancy, living trusts, and guardianships.


We are hired by insurance companies to represent them and the people or businesses they insure with regard to claims made for personal injury, property damage, and claims of all kinds against those insurance companies or those they insure.


We represent owners, contractors, construction managers, developers, design professionals, and suppliers in all aspects of the construction process, as well as, conducting necessary litigation for private or public projects. We have experience in the areas of competitive bidding and document preparation, contract negotiation and formation, contract performance, financing and warranty issues, mechanics and materialmen liens, and claims and dispute resolution.


While advising and representing public and private employers as well as employees, we apply our expertise in interpreting and construing state and Federal statutes and case law. Our experience includes areas such as employment discrimination, affirmative action, sexual harassment, employee benefits, whistleblower litigation, wrongful discharge, and employment contracts and policy manuals. Relevant statutes often include the minimum wage acts, the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, the Federal Employer's Liability Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and special laws governing municipal employment.


We provide services regarding state, local and municipal law to municipal corporations as well as individuals and businesses. Such representation involves interpretation of powers and liabilities the public entity involved as well as laws of general applicability. Specific matters include land use and zoning issues, industrial development, municipal employment disputes, injuries to person or property by municipal employees, intellectual property and technology issues, public contracts, and criminal prosecution.


We represent individuals involved in controversies alleging a wrong or damage to another's person, rights, reputation, or property resulting from events or activities such as automobile accidents, defective products, infliction of emotional distress, intentional misconduct, and negligence.


We represent individuals that have been accused of felony or misdemeanor crimes. Our representation can begin at the time of the initial investigation by law enforcement and can continue through final disposition. Our lawyers are skilled trial attorneys and are able to provide knowledgeable representation throughout the criminal process.


We represent individuals who need assistance on Family-Based Immigrant Visas, applications for Adjustment of Status, Naturalization and Citizenship, and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). 


For over 20 years, JGSM can proudly say that we have sustained and maintained a successful and growing law firm in the Wenatchee valley. A full-time firm with a specific attorney for each emphasis, we believe with our level of experience and expertise, we can help you get through any situation.

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